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Here at Chijamzacademy, we are a unique training and coaching platform where individuals and organizations gain relevant strategies, and in-demand global skills for scaling, wealth creation and financial freedom.

Individual Online Learning

Our Training Courses Covers

  • Wealth creation -Startups
  • Social media -Finance
  • Entrepreneurship -Sales
  • Skill Development
  • Branding
  • Trading &Investment

Education is in Our Blood

To equip one million people  with high income skills to help them start and grow their businesses, create jobs, grow there capacity and gain financial freedom.

Our Instructors

Here’s a list of our top contributors to Chijamz Academy

Here are a few of our many instructors that will help you grow, we are well-grounded in every aspect of tech you are searching for.

Casey Andrews


Celine Marie

Web Apps

Jennifer Holand

Html / CSS

Cathy Waller

Apps & Games

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