<<25TH TO 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 >>

Global Scholarship Summit

Education is the heart of every sustainable economy. Global Scholarship Summit is here to expound on the different opportunities available to foster education and thereby boost national development.

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“To go far, look at people who have gone before you”, this summit will allow participants to gain inspiration from leaders in various field.


“Direction over speed”, recognizing the importance of direction, this summit will provide participants with directions and how best they can align themselves to consolidate on their academic excellence towards achieving global prominence.

Recognize academic excellence

Participants will get affirmation on how they can leverage on their academic performance towards achieving international scholarships. In addition, the question on “what next after international scholarship” will be addressed


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About GSS

GSS2020 is aimed at demonstrating how International scholarships can become an incentive for recognizing academic excellence which is necessary for nation building. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with various leaders in their field who have gone on from a humble background to global prominence.


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Program Brief

Here’s a brief of the event. Educative and lots of fun.

Day 1

Afternoon (12-1pm WAT)

Speaker: Dr. Emmanuel J. Dansu (Ph.D)
Topic: The Art of Distilling Failures into Success
Affliation: University Lecturer, FUTA-Nigeria
Date: Wed 25th Nov

Evening (6-7pm WAT)

Speaker: Seun Ajaji (MSc)
Topic: Building Sustainable Societies through Academic Excellence
Affliation: PhD Scholar, University of the Witwatersrand, SA
Date: Wed 25th Nov

Afternoon (12-1pm WAT)

Speaker: Babajide Milton Macaulay (Ph.D)
Topic: Academic Influence & Leadership
Affliation: University Lecturer; Educational Consultant
Date: Thurs 26th Nov

Evening (6-7pm WAT)

Speaker: Onyeka Okonkwo (MBA)
Topic: Data as the new Gold
Affliation: Risk Analyst @ Deloitte Nigeria
Date: Thurs 26th Nov


Day 2

Day 3

Afternoon (12-1pm WAT)

Speaker: Prof. Olaniyi Fawole (Ph.D)
Topic: Performance, Planning & Prospect: Aligning for maximum impact
Affliation: Associate Professor, University of Johannesburg, SA
Date: Fri 27th Nov

Evening (6-7pm WAT)

Speaker: Zanele Njapha (MSc)
Topic: Positioning yourself for Tomorrow´s Relevance: The Art of Unlearning
Affliation: Unlearning & Transitions Facilitator, SA
Date: Fri 27th Nov

Afternoon (12-1pm WAT)

Speaker: Maryleen Ndubuaku (MSc)
Topic: How to maximize opportunities as a graduate student
Affliation: PhD Scholar; Assist. Lecturer, University of Derby
Date: Sat 28th Nov

Evening (6-7pm WAT)

Speaker: Dr Ahmed Tiamiyu (Ph.D)
Topic:Is Academic Excellence still valuable today?
Affliation: Post-doc Research Fellow, MIT-USA
Date: Sat 28th Nov


Day 4

Day 5

Afternoon (12-1pm WAT)

Speaker: Wilfred Asuquo (MSc)
Topic: Overcoming Academic Barriers & Stereotypes: Paving the route towards Global Impact
Affliation: Business & Data Analyst
Date: Sun 29th Nov

Evening (6-7pm WAT)

Speaker: Dr kelechukwu Onwkamike (Ph.D)(Dr.rer.nat)
Topic: Preparing for Global Scholarships as an Undergraduate
Affliation: Research Scientist @ Procter & Gamble Germany
Date: Sun 29th Nov

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