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Quantum Leap Summit

The First half of 2020 is over, we just entered the next half of 2020. Amidst all situations and circumstances, there is a way to make things right and better.

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Are you looking for clarity in your endeavour, QLS2020 is geared towards helping you gain Clarity of Purpose


We are very passionate about growth and development. This is why we designed QLS2020 to serve as an accelerator for personal and brand growth of the youth in Africa.


Quantum Leap Summit 2020 is designed to bring a sense of fulfilment to all attendees enabling them to pursue their goals having a visible blueprint at hand


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About QLS

Quantum Leap Summit 2020 is a Life-changing summit created with the youth in mind. We want to show you how easy it is to achieve your goals by following the paths of our mentors and leaders who have achieved giant strides.


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Program Brief

Here’s a brief of the event. Educative and lots of fun.

Day 1

Day 1 (7PM)

Speaker: Mr. Emeka Nobis
Topic: Creating a business Niche for yourself in the Post-Covid Era

Day 2 (7PM)

Speaker: Mr. Franklin Peters
Topic: Leaveraging on Blockchain Technology to deliver scalable solutions on products
Date: 7th July 2020


Day 2

Day 3

Day 3 (3PM)

Speaker: Clement Oyinloka
Topic: Community Building, an effective tool for brand development.
Date: 8th July 2020


Speaker: Victoria Ukpaka
Topic: Becoming a person of value through skills acquisition and personal development
Date: 8th July 2020

Day 4 (3PM)

Speaker: Trader Kessy
Topic: Profitable Crytocurrency Trading secrets no one has ever told you about.
Date: 9th July 2020


Speaker: Mr. Samuel Joseph
Topic: How to start and scale yourself for Global Relevance on the Online Ecosystem.
Date: 9th July 2020


Day 4

Day 5

Day 5 (7PM)

Speaker: Pastor Ademe Ejeh
Topic: Behavioural Adaptation for a globalized remote working economy
Date: 10th July 2020

Day 6 (3PM)

Speaker: David Orok
Topic: How I memorized 200 Random Numbers in 10 MINUTES (Classic Memory Conditioning For Students. Entrepreneurs and Global Citizens)
Date: 11th July 2020

Day 6 (7PM)

Speaker: Dr. Kenechukwu Onwukamike
Topic: International Scholarships, Fellowships and academic fundings available to Nigerian Students and how to prepare effectively for them.
Date: 11th July 2020


Day 6

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