Quantum Leap Summit 2022

Dec. 12th – 15th, 2022

Quantum Leap Summit is an annual event that emphasizes the possibility of accelerated growth and development through the engagement of principles for success. In this third edition of QLS, we dive into the theme:

Flying on The Wings of Mentors

Our goal is to present participants with practical understanding of the roles of mentors and role models in our growth, development and success.

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Are you looking for clarity in your endeavour, QLS2022 is geared towards helping you gain Clarity of Purpose


We are very passionate about growth and development. This is why we designed QLS2022 to serve as an accelerator for personal and brand growth of the youth in Africa.



Quantum Leap Summit 2022 is designed to bring a sense of fulfilment to all attendees enabling them to pursue their goals having a visible blueprint at hand


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About QLS

Quantum Leap Summit 2022 is a Life-changing summit created with the youth in mind. We want to show you how easy it is to achieve your goals by following the paths of our mentors and leaders who have achieved giant strides.


[ QLS Speakers ]


Dr. Kelechukwu

Dr. Kelechukwu is currently an R&D Research Scientist at Procter & Gamble Germany.He holds a double Ph.D. degree in Chemistry with expertise on advanced material design using renewable resources. 

Jimi Tewe

Jimi Tewe is a Transformational Specialist and the CEO of Jimi Tewe LLC, a transformational services company operating out of Atlanta, Georgia. Through consulting, coaching and teaching, Jimi provides a range of generic and bespoke solutions that caters to the needs of his diverse audience. 

Paul Foh

Paul Foh is Africa #1 Sales Coach. He is the Ceo of Katalyst Consulting and Sales Factory Africa, a sales recruitment and software company specialized in sales. He has spoken in the prestigious TEDx conference twice, also featured on CNN and other publications.

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December 12th - 15th, 2022