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The life-changing masterpiece also provides pragmatic guides that promote process over results and direction over speed—encouraging every reader to appreciate little wins.

Finally, the book purposefully positions the reader to keep being a work in progress to succeed for personal benefits per usual, but also, taking further steps to either initiate, drive or improve the wins of others.

Can we all win? The answer to the question and many others is what the book aims to answer


Till We All Win

Kelechukwu Nnabuike Onwukamike (PhD)

Till We All Win is a book centred on developing a mindset that sees beyond individual success. It is founded on real-life experiences with relatable content. Refined to give deep insights into how looking beyond individual wins or successes could result in an overwhelming win for all.

It is divided into twelve themes tailored to bring HOPE to the reader. Each theme is thus characterized by stories that distinctively awaken hope. Like millions of people worldwide who arose from humble beginnings, the Nigerian author relays life lessons with capacities to charge both the weak and thriving minds. Read More



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About the author.

Dr Kelechukwu Nnabuike Onwukamike is currently a Research Scientist at Procter & Gamble, Germany. He graduated with a First Class Honours in Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, in 2011. In addition, he holds a double MSc in Functional Advanced Materials Engineering from the University of Augsburg, Germany and the University of Bordeaux, France, as part of the Erasmus Mundus programme and a double PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bordeaux, France and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany as part of Marie Curie ITN European Joint Doctoral in Functional Materials. In 2020, his thesis, which focused on developing sustainable methods to design materials from renewable resources, won the prestigious PhD award on Sustainable Chemistry from the German Chemical Society (GDCh).

To give back to society, he founded the Dr KC Mentorship Platform (DEKEMP) in 2019 to coach and mentor graduate/undergraduate students into attaining their academic and career goals both home and abroad. As of today, over eighty of his mentees have received international scholarships worth over four million USD. His mantra #tillweallwin, which is very popular on LinkedIn, sums up his selfless personality.

He is a follower of Jesus Christ and believes his purpose on earth is essentially connected to the act of lifting others.
Kelechukwu Nnabuike Onwukamike (PhD)

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